"…an unflappably daring and fully realized vision… A sustained tour de force drenched in horror, Buñuelian absurdity and what is clearly developing as a directorial view informed by the perverse and comic in equal measure, The Capsule packs more ideas, sensations and associations into its under-40 minutes than 99.9% of the features you’ll see this or any year.”

Robert Koehler, Cinema Scope

"…truly a capsule of the filmmaker’s vision boiled down to radical expressivity. …[L]ess pure cinema than a mixed media deliberation on identity…[the film] maintains its captivating edge, interrogating the roots of sexuality and forcing viewers to sort through it. …Eventually a lesbian vampire dance piece about bodily urges, The Capsule cogently explores the ability of material objects to relate sensuality through their reflection of otherwise inexpressible desires.

Eric Kohn, IndieWire

"…Tsangari’s surrealist-inspired haute couture-clad fantasy The Capsule - about a dominatrix and her female disciples - impressed with the confidence of its vision. Financed by an art collector, the 35-minute film is firmly placed within an avant-garde experimental tradition…”

Lydia Papadimitriou, Sight & Sound

"In her new film The Capsule, Tsangari delights in the fantasy of high fashion…, forging a work that bears her signature stamp but also sees her experimenting like never before. …[A] twisted fairy tale…[i]nspired by the Goya-like drawings of acclaimed Polish artist Aleksandra Waliszewska…,The Capsule is a “Greek Gothic” female romance, a Cycladic distortion of the three “Bs”: Brontë, Bataille, and Buñuel.”

Andréa Picard, Programmer’s Note, TIFF

"…a visual commentary on the very essence of women, their image, their mold, their flesh, their soul and the age-long oppression they’ve had to suffer."

Download a PDF of THE CAPSULE press clippings here (9.8 MB).