the installation

window installation at

Barneys New York

660 Madison Avenue

June 5 — July 8, 2012

The CAPSULE installation repurposes digital 3D technology to create a kaleidoscopic illusion apparatus, a modern-day adaptation of early cinema’s “Kinetoscope”. It invites an unsuspecting audience of passers-by to enter an adventure of visual perception, dependent on their distance from the screen and their respective heights. Viewers are invited to either fully engage and “discover” the story unfolding on the screen, or fleetingly experience the images as mysterious, oneiric tableaux.

A single screen simultaneously shows two separate movies, constructed from the same story, yet juxtaposing and amplifying each other as twin narratives. Normal-speed scenes are punctuated by extreme-slow-motion shots taken at different camera angles, generating a stereoscopic narration in doubles.

The triangular lattice placed before the screen operates as a kaleidoscope in itself, reflecting the images in a new set of distortions. Some of the lattice cells contain mirrored drawings by Aleksandra Waliszewska, only visible in ghostly reflections, adding a new dimension for viewers to discover.

installation design

Sofia Dona & Dimitris Theodoropoulos (

Matt Johnson (Haos Film)


Aleksandra Waliszewska

creative engineering

Matt Morton, Daniel Pippenger & Jelmer Steenhuis

sound design

Leandros Ntounis

New York design assistant

Marianna Xyntaraki (

presented with the support of

special thanks to

Peter Andros, Alexia Antsakli, Leo Bannon, Jianmin Chen, Alison Corrie,

Matt Cowan, Tommy Dobrzynski, Dennis Freedman, Michaela Early,

Scott Gilman, Courtney Glassman, Huge Conglomerate, Dakis Joannou,

Maria Joannou, Lauren Koppel, Mark Lee, Beth Orr, Matthew Mazzucca,

Ncyclomedia, Marisa Pucci, Lindsay Stadig, Chrissa Theodore